Fendi | Spring Summer 2015 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

This is Fendi’s Spring Summer Fashion Show Collections that includes Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevigne and among other popular celebrity models in the industry. For me, this is one of the best collections Fendi has shown to the public in a very long time. It has the amount of finesse and creativity that every spectator’s would hope to see. In my own opinion, not everyone can pull off these kinds of dresses because of the uniqueness and its ability to pull everyone’s attention towards the dress and not directly to the model. It has this kind of magnetic force that will make you look straight to the dress and makes you want it to buy later on.

Fendi has made such fine improvements for their Spring and Summer Collections. It’s totally a breath of fresh air in the fashion industry. Women of all ages would love to wear these clothes not just because it is pretty and it is made by Fendi, but because the clothes represents what women truly are, delicate, exquisite and incomparable. That’s how great the show and the collection are in my own thoughts. Watching all the models and their parade of beautiful dresses is like you are in heaven. It’s undeniably great even for a short amount of time. But overall, it is absolutely brilliant and everyone did a very good job. What a wonderful piece of art Fendi has introduced in the name of fashion and trends. If you have missed it, watch and discover their new collections now!

Video coverage right here!

Be Fashionable With Less To No Spending

For fashion, perhaps a lot of people would associate that with big names such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior, Chanel, Ralph Lauren and many more. Though you can really see how effective they have been with their branding, it stands that they make being fashionable a very expensive and luxurious experience.

Now, even if folks were to want to be stylish, they would shy away from the thought because they were fed with such ideas. If you are one who thinks like this as well, I’m telling you, don’t! This is clearly a misconception. There are lots of ways to be a fashion enthusiast even without great monetary wealth to spend.

How then do you do so, you ask?

Well, for starters, you have to look into your own closet. Of course, you already have some clothes – for sure you have loads forgotten and tucked into the dark corners of your cabinet. Assess them first and see which you still like, which you can still continue to use and which you can give away or maybe even sell. It is an opportunity to acquire cash too, and that can then be utilised as you go shopping.

When that is out of the way, and supposing you have money on hand, you can go out and be in the lookout for cheap fashion finds. You do not have to run directly to the mall; usually, stores in there carry costly clothing and all that. What you need here is to explore. Downtown, there are numerous shops and boutiques that you may have not even seen or visited. Once you enter the premises, do not be hesitant to browse their racks and piles of apparel. Check price tags and there is no doubt you will be able to see the difference. In this way, you will certainly get to score deals, worthy of the money you currently have.

Do not be discouraged if you do not see anything you want though. There are other stores you can still go into. Let us say you have a particular kind of clothing in mind, there are alternatives that you can and you will find in these outlets. Big brands are just with greater prices, but essentially, shops have similar or the same wardrobe choices.

The key here is for you to be wise. If you prefer malls, then wait for sales and sample sales. These designated days are even advertised on TV or on newspapers, so you can be updated with them. Take note of them and head on to these shopping centres at these times.

If time permits, you can even learn how to sew. Or if you already know how to, then you can start practicing and doing it now. There are tutorials online, more so when you have a design in mind. You just have to expend some time, effort and patience for this to pay off. And well, you may even get to discover a talent that you did not know you had!

In honesty though, style will not depend on the monetary value of clothes. It all boils down to your attitude and confidence. You have to be positive and self-assured and that will reflect on your outward appearance. Do not forget that comfort is a vital element to consider as well.

Top Fashion Tips for Petite Girls

I recently helped a friend of mine improve her fashion. Being petite, she was always conscious of how tall she appeared and how it suited her size.

Not only did we go shopping together and help put together a whole new wardrobe, I thought it would be important to teach her how petite girls should shop and some quick styling tips to look your best.

I’ve decided to share these here with you, so some of our petite readers can also benefit from it.

Here is the top 10 tips…

  1. Avoid oversized handbags as to not overwhelm yourself
  2. Wear fitted and semi-fitted clothes for a better look
  3. Choose garments with vertical lines (princess seams also do the trick)
  4. Wear v-shaped or u-shaped necklines
  5. Avoid bulky garments to avoid looking broader
  6. Dress in a single colour
  7. Avoid wearing mini skirts
  8. Only use slim belts, not thick/wide ones
  9. Wear straight legged trousers or jeans
  10. Wear high heels for an instant height boost

There are also a number of style coaching videos online that I highly suggest you watch, aimed specifically at petite girls.

Petite Style Tips in Video

Petite Fashion Tips:: How To Casual Style ft Jen

This video is by the beautiful Evelina and Jen, they are sharing a few tips in this 6 minute long video, on how to dress stylish while casual.

PETITE FASHION TIPS: How to Dress for an Interview/Office

Evelina and Jen also have another great video on dressing for the office, once again aimed at petite girls:

I hope you have found this content useful. If you are petite reader then let me know, what is your biggest fashion difficulty? Maybe I can create a part 2 post on how to solve those difficulties.