How To Maintain The Cleanliness Of Your Makeup Bag

by Eden Ding

It might not be easy to maintain cleanliness in your cosmetics bag. It has a spotless appearance when it’s brand new, but as time passes, stains and fingerprints start to build up and become impossible to overlook. Let’s face a potentially uncomfortable fact: your cosmetics nylon makeup bag is in dire need of a transformation of its extremely own! Getting your suitcase back into pristine condition is simpler than you may think. We’ll walk you through some fast and easy methods to clean it and some helpful guidelines for determining whether or not the cosmetics in your purse have passed their expiration date.

Bag-Cleaning Basics

How you clean your bag is greatly determined by the material it is constructed of. If the material is fabric or anything similar to cloth, cleaning the bag completely, both inside and the outside, may be possible, depending on how it’s manufactured. The vast majority of the time, the most secure method is to hand wash your bag using a mild detergent for dishwashing.

Run the bag in a mesh bag first (to protect sensitive zippers as well as VELCRO®), and then put it through the delicate cycle of your washing machine. This method should only be used if the bag is somewhat resilient. To prevent any damage caused by the intense heat generated by a dryer, it is always preferable to let your bag air-dry instead of using one. The best way to clean your bag, whether it is made of polypropylene or a material similar to plastic, is to wipe it down. Makeup that is difficult to remove may be removed using the same method you would use on your face: water-resistant makeup remover using a damp or gentle cloth. It will assist in dissolving the foundation that has been caked on and long-wearing formulations.

Follow up the first cleaning with a hard liquor cleansing wipe and spray-on disinfectant, and wait until the bag is totally dry before placing cosmetics back inside. This will ensure that your bag is properly disinfected.

What To Save And What To Throw Away

It’s a good idea to clean out your cosmetic bag every so often, but you should also check that your products are in usable condition. Every piece of cosmetics comes with a “best by…” date, which specifies how long after purchasing the product you have to use it up or throw it away. Certain differences occur according to the temperature and the circumstances of storage, but here are some typical time frames to take into account (Tip: Use a pen with permanent ink to mark the moment you opened it directly on the product itself):

  • Eyeliner and mascara (of any kind) should be replaced every three to six months.
  • Foundations, including concealers in cream, liquefied, stick form, and cream blushes, have a shelf life of six months to one year.
  • Powder-based cosmetics, including blush, bronzer, highlighter, and eyeshadow, have a shelf life of between two and three years.
  • Lipstick, lip gloss, and especially lip pencils have a shelf life of between two and three years.
  • Chapstick – 1 Year.
  • Consider how your things seem and how they smell as well. It’s time to throw it out if the scent becomes a little funky, there’s a discernible change in how it feels or looks, or all three of these things happen!

Additionally, keeping your skincare products clean is essential, and contrary to popular belief, doing so requires very little effort. We have some terrific advice for cleaning toothbrushes, including one unique trick that can help freshen up those brushes even if you’re pressed for time!

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