Using Branded Bags as Gifts

by Eden Ding
Branded Bags as Gifts

Branded gift bags are one of the ways business owners are able to create a relationship with their customers. Added to this, these gift bags also ensure that your company name remains in the mind of your clients. Even though these bulk packaging bags (know more) have lots of benefits, many businesses don’t know how to use them.

Benefits of branded gift bags to your business

Any business that can harness the benefits of client gift bags is bound to grow in popularity. Your clients are major contributors to the success of your business. If you cannot reach them, your business is heading for the rocks.

One major challenge is that you cannot speak to every client or prospect one-on-one. How then can you show them how special they are to you and your business? Yes, gifts. But what kind of gifts?

There are so many kinds of promotional gifts you can share with your clients and prospects. These days, gift bags have become very popular. Why? They help you kill two birds with a single stone.

First, you are able to show the clients that your business is interested in their welfare. Prospects will always flock towards a business that shows its clients’ care. Of course, this is one of the best ways to keep your current clients loyal to you.

Second, you can run a subtle publicity campaign with these bulk packaging bags. One of these bags can reach between 5,800 and 6,000 impressions before it gets damaged. If your business name and logo are bold on these bags, your brand will stare everyone in the face. The perfect publicity stunt.

blank bag

Using branded gift bags instead of gift baskets

Until gift bags came around, we all loved gift baskets. They were cute and the best way to package a gift. Putting a gift in one of these baskets and sending it to anyone will make that person feel special.

What stands out gift bags is the fact that they are versatile. They can be used for so many other purposes than just sending out gifts. Some people will argue that baskets can do the same but the truth is they are not as versatile.

This is why you see lots of baskets littering Good Will venues, the people don’t think they are still useful. Baskets cannot be folded and are not a good vehicle for groceries. Store too many in a room and they take up all the space.

Client gift bags have proven to be more eco-friendly than gift baskets. This means that when you make of these bags, you keep the environment safe. If you send your clients these reusable bags, you show them that you care about our planet as well.

Branded Bag

How branding influences gift bags

Asides the fact that gift bags are more versatile, branding also influences our choice of gift bags. You may find it hard to believe but one of the most viewed adverts objects is gift bags. As a matter of fact, they rank higher than many of the other more favored objects.

Examples of such advert objects are billboards which get only 500 impressions for every dollar spent. The radio gets only 17 while primetime cable draws 200 impressions. A few of the other common ones include:

  • Newspapers – 24 impressions for each dollar
  • Magazines – 22 impressions for each dollar
  • Shirts – 300 impressions for each dollar
  • Writing utensils – 500 impressions for each dollar
  • Calendars – 333 impressions for each dollar

The question is how many impressions do gift bags make for each dollar? We already told you that they make up to 6,000 impressions before getting spoiled. But per dollar, they make an amazing 1,000 impressions.

Three factors contribute to this amazing statistic. First, these bags are very durable which solves the problem of spending excessively to change bags frequently. Second, they are quite attractive and this aesthetic appeal makes them noticeable.

The third factor is what we have already discussed above, they are versatile. You find these branded gift bags almost everywhere. From schools to stores to picnics, parks, and homes.


What to put in branded gift bags

The item you put in a gift bag is dependent on what you produce or sell. As a wine business owner, it is expected that you stuff a few bottles into gift bags. This is one of the best ways to transport these bottles.

With a bit more creativity, you can add a few branded items to your gift bag to excite your clients. Some of these items include cards, ribbons, paper grass, and bows. The idea is to show your clients and prospects that you put in some effort into these bulk packaging bags.

Who gets your gift bags?

Several people have influences on your business. These stakeholders are key to the proper function of your business. So who gets your client gift bags?

  • Clients – These people spend their money on your business and will always return. Their loyalty to your business is undaunted regardless of what the market looks like.
  • First-time customers – This is the first time they are visiting your business. You want them to be so satisfied that they want to return.
  • Business Partners – Whether you work together at the business or they are sleeping partners, they deserve your appreciation.
  • Prospects – With your packaging bags you can attract and keep prospects.
  • Vendors – These people make all the things you need to produce available. Why not appreciate them with some gift bags?
  • Employees – Your employees are key to your success, they spend a lot of time and energy working for you. It wouldn’t hurt to appreciate their effort with a few bags.
Branded Bag

Styling your bags

This is about the most fun part of the process. If you are not keen on design then you should hire a professional. There might even be one of your staff that may be gifted in this area.

You have to get it right with your designs because this will determine how much attention they will attract. Pick colors that match your business or you can go monochrome for your bulk packaging bags if you like.


We hope we have helped you understand how to use your branded gift bags. You have also learned the importance of these bags to your business. Tell Zigpac about your experiences in the comments section.

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