Dolce & Gabbana – The One *For*Him*

by Eden Ding

It’s not often that him indoors benefits from my product reviews but recently when I was given the option to review something from Fragrance Direct I decided to go for a cologne and having a vague recollection that it was nice I chose The One by Dolce & Gabbanna. I’m actually not a fan of the perfume version of this but the aftershave is lush. It was designed to be a “classic masculine fragrance that would last for years and be the type of scent that women adore” and I’d say they got it dead on. The notes that stand out to me are cedar, amber and orange blossom, I love a woody scent for a mens fragrance but I like it to have some sweetness and this ticks those boxes for me. My all time favourite is the original Boss Bottled (I’ve been known to wear it myself) but this could give it a run for it’s money and somehow feels more mature.

For him

For him

I asked Lee if he’d like to review ‘The One’ and these were his words – “It smells like how I’d imagine Jack Donaghy to smell” and I totally get that, it smells like a a guy in a suit would wear it to his high powered city job (yes, I realise that sentence makes my sound like a country hick but I stand by it) – If the JD reference means nothing to you watch the below..

For those of you totally uninterested in mens aftershave but who are still randomly reading this (and for the rest of you too) I’d highly recommend you check out their super cheap Essie polishes – £1.99, that’s right!!! Oh and they also have the new Marc Jacobs Honey (the first fragrance from that brand I actually like) discounted too!

Dolce & Gabbanna 100ml for £49.95 for 100ml

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