How to apply fake eyelashes?

by Eden Ding

If you want to know how to apply fake eyelashes yourself, or you want to do it professionally, you will need quality wholesale lashes suppliers. You will only have to follow the steps we will give you to apply them correctly.

Today it is possible to find hundreds of physical and online stores that provide eyelashes in different materials. No matter if they are mink, silk, regular or synthetic eyelashes, it is necessary to have some criteria before applying them.

Many people say that the eyes are the window to the soul, and they are also an important part of the face. Whatever you do or don’t do aesthetically or cosmetically on your eyes, it will undoubtedly radically change your whole look.

Fake eyelashes, although it may seem a simple resource, once you have applied them correctly, you will see an abysmal difference in the aesthetics of your face that you will love. The result you expect will only be possible if you follow tips like the following to apply them.

Pull the lashes out carefully

The way you handle fake eyelashes is very important because they are usually very delicate. When you take them out of their container, it is advisable to use tweezers so that you can handle them delicately.

If you take them out and notice that they don’t have the curved shape they should have, don’t worry, you can give them that shape with your fingers being very careful. A very useful tip is to use the curler on your natural lashes to make them more curved before applying the fake lashes.

Check the size of the lashes

Maybe when you bought the lashes at first glance they seemed to be the perfect size, but it is possible that when you take them out of their case you may notice that they are too long. If this is your case, no problem, just trim the lashes very carefully.

If you notice that the lashes are shorter, the trick is to apply from the tear trough area so that they are perfect with the size of your eyes.

Applying the glue

If you are wondering how to apply the lashes in terms of glue, it is always recommended to apply the glue on the lash strip and not on the eyes. Once you have done this, use the tweezers to hold the lashes and apply them to the eyes.

A very important recommendation is to wait at least 30 seconds after applying the glue to the lashes to let them dry. If you apply the lashes while the glue is fresh, they will probably move and will not set properly.

It’s time to apply the lashes

The best technique to apply the fake eyelashes is to first adjust the strip in the middle part and then fix the left and right end. The ideal is to glue the lashes on the natural lash line until you get it fixed in the right place.

If you don’t apply the lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible, it will probably be very obvious that they are fake lashes and will not look natural.

Use eyeliner on the eyelid

One thing they recommend when applying fake lashes is eyeliner on the eyelid. Doing so will hide the strip of eyelashes that you have just applied so that they look as natural as possible.

The eyeliner will also help you cover traces of glue or hide any smudges when you glue them on.

Remember that after applying the fake eyelashes, you have to maintain them every few days to make them last longer.

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