How to Wear a Trench As A fashionable Woman?

by Eden Ding

Trench femme has remained trendy over the years and has not lost its romantic appeal with its historical significance. The iconic outfit with a military heritage has been with us for over a hundred years. You might be wondering how to style the trench coat, especially if you are a fashionista woman. The patriarchal past of the trench makes it one of the coveted coats among women.

The Tips to Buying Trench femme

Before you think of getting that trench coat, you should learn about its sizing, length, styling, and how it can suit the body.

  1. The Basics and Sizing

Do you know the size of the trench coat you want to buy? The size of the trench coat is important to know if you want to wear the right one for your body. The versatility of this outfit stands it out with the number of styles you can combine it with.

You should pick a size that can fit you enough that you can wear over a thick-knit jumper or your beautiful blazer.

You should check the measurement of the coat to get the right size for you, especially if you are buying online. The suit should be spacious for its layering.

  1. The short trench

There was an era when wearing a short trench coat was a fashion blunder. However, modern women can rock these short trench coats comfortably and better. Still, there are some rules to follow.

  • The short trench coat should fall below your hip down to the mid-thigh length. 
  • This type of coat looks great on petite women. Short trench coats should not shorten the legs or appear bulky on you.
  • For women who are curvy and petite, they should use longer coats.
  • The very short coats can make the wearer appear wider than their normal shape.
  • Tall women should not wear short trench coats.

You should try to avoid very long coats as they overwhelm your body. For the petite women, they can easily use the medium size because of its versatility. For those with a smaller frame, they should consider what they wear underneath.

  1. The length of the trench

We do not have a stipulated length for how long a trench coat should fit. You should pick a coat according to your body type. For shorter frames, they need coats above their knees. The rule that you can use is to ensure that the coat should not be above the knees.

  1. How to wear a trench belt?

Do you know how to wear a trench coat belt? Here is a simple trick to wear the belt:

  • You should make use of a D-buckle.
  • You should wrap your belt through the coat’s loopholes. The belt should be cinched at your waist with the D-buckle. This offers protection and warmth during rainy days.
  • You can wear your coat belt when you tie it around the waist.
  • In the warmer months, you can wrap the belt behind the coat’s back in the form of a bow. This style ensures that the coat is open.

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