My 2015 Fashion Style Opinion

by Eden Ding

I am not really that an expert when it comes to fashion, but I do love fashion and fashion designing is my expertise. Fashion is always evolving, some may no longer be a hit, some may be a throwback, and some may be one for long lasting. Still, fashion is fashion. Everything must be IN! Want my opinion in today’s fashion?

My opinions on some fashion styles in 2015:

I think varsity jackets and trench coat are the biggest things that should be in your wardrobe especially this spring. A varsity jacket is not only warm but always stylish. They have so many variations now that you might be able to find one with a letter on it, example if your name is Johnny Beautiful, and J or B varsity jacket might mean the world to you. The trench coat is good for the rainy spring days and are good for adding a little bit of class to a not so classy outfit. The trench coat can also bring your business casual up to a whole new level.

SURPRISE! Leather jackets are still in, and in my opinion and are not going anywhere. I personally own about four or five of them and they are warm enough to wear in the winter, why do you think motorcycle riders wear them? A classic black one can go with anything you want to wear remember Black goes with anything but try not to get that dingy black or if the dingy black is cheaper you can get that and then get some black clothing die (a little secret I learned).

Crop Top and Low-slung pants? Rihanna is 2015′s poster child for flesh-baring nineties style, bringing vestiges of the era back with logo-fied underwear bands peeking out from intentionally loose waistbands and a partially see-through bra, while popular catwalkers Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Hailey Baldwin have all joined in on the action: Jenner in hip-hugging, slinky leather pants and bra; Hadid in a tight, striped scoop-neck shirt and boyfriend jeans; and Baldwin in loose button-fly jeans with a cropped long-sleeve knit. And it’s not too surprising that the six-pack trinity is sporting the throwback pieces, all three walked the navel-celebrating Sonia Rykiel spring 2015 show, which featured it’s fair share of relaxed leather trousers and strappy, ab-exposing tops. As for the more tomboy take? Model Binx Walton gives the slouchy-pant-and-crop-top combo a douse of sporty appeal with a thrown-on windbreaker or hoodie.

But lest you think this is only a nineties game, consider Jane Birkin. The queen of devil-may-care Parisian insouciance packed a punch of polish into the waist-focused ensemble with a beachy take in Cannes several decades previous, wearing a hip-grazing white pant with lace tops and knotted tees that ended just below the breast bone. Just goes to show the artful flash of midsection always works, no matter what era. Crunches, anyone? I think I might go on to buy come crop tops and low-slung pants. No more need for my opinion because, definitely these are a hit in today’s fashion!

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