by Eden Ding

Anyone popped into ze aul Mango recently? I’ll admit, it’s not been the first choice for me here the past year or two (I love it abroad – but let’s face it, Arnotts had a diabolical decade there of polar-necks and corduroy) – but anyone remember the heydey of the Spanish beaut? Well, it’s back, and in the form of luffley, laffley, swish, swhoo coats. Seriously. Now, I picked up a 3/4 length camel, kinda Mad Men style coat in the Mango in House of Frazer (to be featured soon here), though they were down to their last few numbers – but Sarah got this sexy, great quality leather number online – YES, they deliver! AND, I should mention the prices seem to have deflated too – this jacket was under 50 yoyos!

I beseech you all now to get online and grab one of Mango’s beauts asap while they’re still there!




Black Leather Jacket: Mango

Black Brocade Bomber: H&M

Black Dress: Zara


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