Tips for Choosing the Right Custom Jewelry

by Eden Ding

Maybe you are looking for the perfect engagement ring or a diamond necklace. Sometimes, you do not seem to get what meets your needs. You do not have to settle for sub-par quality when there is personalised jewellery AU. If you want a unique piece, then you should know what the process entails.

Research On Designers

Before you even choose a design or a jewelry company, you must carry out adequate research to understand what you need. The fact that a company is popular for selling high-end jewelry does not imply that they are the best in making custom jewelry.

Nowadays, there are many companies out there that can make custom pieces. However, not all companies or designers are good at it. If you want to get the best options, you should choose stores that hire certified jewelers. Also, check reviews and feedback from past customers and learn from them.

Consider Custom Jewelry Designs

You should note that selecting a store is not enough; you need to communicate the type of jewelry you need. Much of this is covered in consultation meetings. It is advisable to carry out an extensive investigation to choose the preferred gemstone setting, metal, and band. It is also advisable to find pictures you want to create.

If you need a meaningful ring, you should investigate various ways of incorporating personality and inspiration. For instance, you can add color or special finish.

Determine Your Budget

Considering the number of customizations, jewelry design is quite expensive. You can find some pieces up to five times more expensive than what is on the shelf. That is because custom jewelry needs more labor and time to create.

Thus, before you fall in love with a lavish design, you must determine whether you can afford custom jewelry. Many jewelers can help you get an estimate based on ideas to know the amount you expect to spend.

Your Timeline

As you know, custom jewelry takes time to complete. In fact, you cannot order it and have it shipped to you the next day. Although it does vary, an average timeline is about two to three weeks, and complex projects can take up several days. This will give you a buffer period between when you order and when the jewelry is required.

Plan for Consultation

During the consultation, your research will be of great help. Present all sketches, mages, and pictures of the elements you need. By giving your ideas, the jeweler can easily understand what you need and come up with different designs. Thus, you will get an estimate for the timeline of the project and cost.

Most retailers provide a wax or CAD model after the initial design is conceptualized. This is an important feature to look for and will provide you with an idea of what to expect of your final piece. Moreover, you can make changes if there are things you do not like. Since custom jewelry is an investment, you ought to ensure that the product you get suits your needs.

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