Tracksuits: more than just sportswear

by Eden Ding

It’s no secret that sportswear has crept into the fashion industry, especially in men’s fashion. It is for this reason that garments such as the track suit are no longer just for running, but also for everyday casual wear.

Many people think that wearing a tracksuit is synonymous with retirement, of surrendering to wearing something comfortable and that’s it; however, today having them in the closet is an option to look cool, stylish, relaxed, and at the same time sporty.

Although it seems that it is a relatively new garment, the tracksuit has its origin from a few decades ago. But nowadays, fashion trends have incorporated certain details to modernize this type of clothing.

The tracksuit can even be the complete outfit, or jacket and pants separately, so users have many ways to combine it and mix it with other pieces to give it a different touch.

Adidas is probably the most recognized brand for making this type of clothing, however, many others have also joined this trend and have included this garment in their catalogs and online stores.

A little bit of history

The tracksuit is not newly designed clothing, the truth is that it began to be used for the first time in the 60s and 70s, even Adidas is estimated to be the brand that first launched this clothing to the market as a casual style, beyond the sporty style.

Those who think about this type of clothing and want to find its origin, surely a memory related to the famous rap and hip hop band Run-DMC will arise, since they were the main exponents of this genre who began to use it as fashion.

Then, other pop culture celebrities, such as musicians, actors and models began to wear it, becoming a very popular clothing among the youngest and street fashion fans,

It is not formal wear

Although the tracksuit has indeed evolved and is not only sportswear, it is also considered a casual garment. Fashion has incorporated the tracksuit and modified it with certain details to make it different, but what is very clear is that it will never be formal wear.

For this reason, it will not be common to see celebrities wearing this type of clothing at evening events, gala parties, red carpets, or other important events. Although, there are certain exceptions, with occasional artists who violate this “code” of dress.

Can be worn as a set or separately

It is not a rule to wear the tracksuit as a complete outfit, it can also be worn separately. In fact, there are many brands that only design track pants, to combine them with T-shirts, even with hoodies.

One option is to combine the track pants with a sweatshirt or a t-shirt is a very common option, as well as wearing the tracksuit jacket with jeans. The truth is there is no formula for wearing this type of clothing, since it is very versatile to combine.

Tracksuits are known for being unicolor, however, there are many well-known brands that have experimented with adding prints, in different colors and even with many particular designs.

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