What is Lolita Style Fashion?

by Eden Ding

Lolita style fashion refers to street style subculture with its origins in Japan and has its inspirations from Victorian children’s clothing and fashion from the Rococo period. Despite its humble beginnings in the 1980s, Lolita fashion has gained popularity over the years, spreading throughout major locations including Australia, the USA and all over Europe.

As a common characteristic of many Japanese fashion styles, the Lolita style also boasts a variety of subcultures. However, some of the most popular categories include the sweet Lolita, innocent world, Alice and the pirates, Gothic Lolita, Punk Lolita, ouji fashion, Harajuku fashion and Japanese Lolita just to mention a few. You can find detailed categories at http://www.lolitastylefashion.com.

With such a wide range of Lolita substyles to choose from, pulling your own Lolita look is no brain surgery and all you need to do is to know the clothing options available to help you craft your dream look. So here are the three most common Lolita styles worth checking out.

Substyles of Lolita Style Fashion

1. Sweet Lolita

Sweet Lolita style fashion focuses on the child-like aspects of the Lolita look. Ideally, it utilizes lace, ribbons and colorful prints to bring out the cuteness in the design. So how do you become a sweet Lolita? You may be wondering.

The first step is to consider lightly colored accessories such as socks, headdresses, and purses bearing music notes or anything with sweet printing on them. Additionally, you can also opt for sweet designs by wearing dark colors that are toned down.

Sweet Lolita style fashion identifies itself with various colors such as sax blue, pink, mint green, lavender, cream, and pale yellow. Lastly, a sweet Lolita also adds an ideal decoration on their head and the most popular item in this regard is the traditional headdress.

Sweet Lolita style fashion

2. Gothic Lolita

As opposed to the Sweet Lolita, Gothic Lolita style fashion utilizes more blacks and whites. No wonder it is regarded as a darker and more elegant Lolita substyle. In fact, one of the primary rules of Gothic Lolita is that it favors dark colors.

Gothic Lolita style fashion presents many parts that you can easily alter to suit your needs. Gothic Lolita blouses feature fine tailoring such as pin tucks in addition to having well-embroidered details and embellished necklines or cuffs.

What’s more, gothic Lolitas also wear modest stockings and tights. So choosing those tights that cover the knee is one such a worthy option as a Gothic Lolita. Other factors to consider include finding a jacket, using hair accessories, and choosing dark shoes among others.

Gothic Lolita-style-fashion

3. Classic Lolita

Of the three major Lolita substyles, Classic Lolita is often regarded as a more mature and historically inspired style. In other words, this Lolita substyle has more emphasis on elegance than cuteness. A typical Classic Lolita style fashion features more muted colors such as jewel stones and dusty pastels.

More often than not, Classic Lolitas use cream as their style’s neutral color instead of stark white. Again, when it comes to headdresses, Classic Lolitas have a variety of options that include head bows, round headdresses, hair corsages, and elegant hats.

Classic Lolita-style-fashion

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