11 different ways to style your fanny pack

by Eden Ding

Ever wondered why fanny packs are loved by all? Not only is it comfortable and portable but it is also very fashionable. This accessory is very functional and stylish. You can be going for a walk around town or an outing with your friends and this accessory would fit right in. This accessory is a must-have for everyone.

Getting a fanny pack is quite easy. There are cheap fanny packs and ones with reasonable prices. However, it is advised that you get a fanny pack made of quality materials so that it would last longer.

The good thing about owning a fanny pack is that you can wear it according to preferences. You just need to know the exact way to style it.

Ways to style a fanny pack

Fanny pack with blazers

Blazers are no longer seen as exclusive outfits to just the office. They can also be worn off-duty. Your fanny pack can be worn on your blazers. Go for a patterned fanny pack or one with a logo belt and you are good to go.

Fanny pack with a trench coat

Trench coats these days also come in sleek, modern materials not only in wool and cotton. Your crocodile-embossed fanny pack can be added to your sleek trench coat to get a stylish look.

Fanny pack with winter outfits

Most winter outfits come in either black, brown, or gray. When worn regularly, it might make your outfits look repetitive. Add a bright and colorful fanny pack to spice up your look.

Fanny pack with casual outfits

For your day to day activities such as going to get groceries or running errands around town, you can style your mini fanny pack with a t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and sneakers. You get a casual yet stylish look.

Fanny pack with leather outfit.

Your leather fanny pack can be styled with leather trousers, boots, and a nice jacket.

Fanny pack with oversized clothes

You can style a canvas fanny pack with your loose-fitting outfits to get an amazing look.

Fanny pack mixed with prints.

Prints could include leopard, dotted, plaid, or dotted. You can style this look with a fanny pack with a similar color found on your printed outfit.

Fanny pack with a jumpsuit.

You can style your loose jumpsuit with a lux nylon fanny pack to get an effortless look. Your fanny pack can be attached to your waist.

Fanny pack with matching trench coat.

You can match your fanny pack with a matching trench coat of the same color and trousers with similar color but maybe a shade lighter. Then, spice things up with a turtle neck with a brighter color.

Fanny pack as a waist belt

Fanny packs can stand in place of a waist belt. Waist belts are usually worn to hold the waist of a loose-fitting outfit. Use a fanny pack to outline your shape and show curves.

Fanny pack as a carry-all.

Fanny packs do not always come as micro-bags. Some are larger and can be used to run errands. Your fanny pack can be style with your favorite fall outfits like knitted sweater and hued trousers.

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