Steps to Follow When Buying Hair Extensions

by Eden Ding

Hair extensions are used to add volume, length, and beauty to the hair. It does not matter whether you want to extend the length or make it appear thicker; virgin brazilian hair on sale can help you create a natural and beautiful look. This guide can help you choose the right hair extensions to suit your needs.

Understand the Basics

If it is the first time you are purchasing hair extensions, you need to understand basics such as color, weight, color, and texture. With different makes and types, you may find it quite intimidating. Ideally, there are several hair extensions you should consider. How you select the best is not that straightforward. For instance, you need to determine whether you should choose permanent or temporary extensions.

Permanent or Temporary Hair Extensions

Determining whether to purchase permanent or temporary ones depends on how you want to use them. For example, you want them to be installed, how much are you ready to pay for them? Although all extensions are temporary or permanent, they require adjustments after every few months. You can even put them on during certain events.

Examples of temporary ones include clip-ins and flip-ins. These offer an increased length and volume. The flip-ins increase length with minimal effect on volume. You will find these extensions simple to install, and you can attach them in less than 5 minutes.

Even though some extensions are sold as permanent, they are not essentially lifetime extensions. What it means is that you do not have to remove them at night. There are different methods of attaching these extensions, and these include tape, glue, and much more.

Installation Method

The main methods of installing hair extensions are heat fusion and cold fusion. Before purchasing extensions, you should check their installation method. Ideally, this informs you whether the extensions you buy require special heating tools.


The texture of hair extension you purchase is dependent on your preferences. You can find hair extensions with a texture that is similar to that of your natural hair. That makes it easier to blend the extensions with your hair.

Most women love straight hair texture because it is easier to blend. However, you may need to use keratin treatments or chemical relaxers when adding them to curly hair. Remember that your hair needs routine styling to match that of the extension. Another option is to use heat protectant spray. You should avoid excessive styling.


Since hair extensions are used to add length, then you need to determine the exact length you want. Hair that is 14 inches is perfect for those that want shorter hair but want to add on volume. However, if you want to add the length of the hair, then go for at least 18 inches of extension. Most women like putting on 22-inch extensions as they create a perfect look. If your aim is to feel like a princess, then you can go for 24-inch extensions. Remember that the extra length has an impact on the overall volume and weight of your hair.

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