Four tips for choosing the right personalised bracelet for a gift

by Eden Ding
personalised bracelet

There is nothing as alluring as a personalised bracelet since it befits any person and for different occasions. A personalised bracelet can make for a thoughtful and memorable gift since it can be customised to suit the person being gifted.

But finding the perfect bracelet can be quite tricky, but with a few essentials, you can easily pick the right one.

Here are a few tips in choosing the right personalised bracelet for a loved one.

Design Variation

Personalised bracelets come in different styles variations, and it is up to you to find the right style that will suit the person you are gifting. If the person has a taste for simplicity, then a bracelet with a simple design will be the best.

If his or her style inclines to sophistication, then sophisticated bracelet designs are the best. The right bracelet is one that will complement their overall personality and style so that it does not feel out of place when they wear it.

Metal Preference and Skin Tone

There are different metals, such as gold, copper, and brass that are used to make personalised bracelets. It is imperative to ask yourself what kind of metal they like. If you know the person has a liking for brass made jewellery, then you need to get a bracelet that is made from brass. Also, if he or she has skin hypersensitivity caused by wearing certain metals ensure you avoid them altogether. Natural metals like platinum will be the appropriate option as they have non-hypo allergic properties.

But metal preference should go hand in hand with the skin tone. Finding metals that compliment well with the person’s skin tone is essential. For instance, gold, rose gold, copper, and brass will suit those with warmer skin tones. For cool skin tones, metals like white gold, silver, and platinum will be perfect.

Age Appropriateness

You must consider the age of the person you are gifting. The bracelet you give your grandmother will not be the same type you gift your friend, sister, or spouse. If it is your grandmother, you are gifting, then a bracelet with a simple design, detailed engravings, and polished gemstones will be appropriate.

Russian ring bracelets or engraved heart interlocking bracelets are considered appropriate for older people. For girls’ bracelets with thin strings or those with interlocking chains fitted with beads are the best. Boys prefer bracelets with a bit more masculine feel.

Appropriate Personal Engravings

Adorning a bracelet with personal engravings can bring about a nice feeling. Depending on the occasion, it will be thoughtful to gift someone a bracelet with the right engravings.

For instance, if it is your friend’s wedding anniversary, the perfect bracelet to gift them is a three-ring Russian bracelet with their names and wedding date engraved on it. Such will leave them relishing that gift for a lifetime.

Remember, the aim is to choose the right bracelet with the appropriate engraving that will suit the occasion.  

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