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by Eden Ding
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The beauty of a woman is, in most part, attributed to her hair. This means that the hair of a woman is a significant feature. Most women jump through hoops to make sure that they have great hair. Maintaining an excellent natural hair is not an easy task. Those that are unable to maintain exceptional natural hair turn to artificial hairs like wigs and weaves. Some women even spend thousands of dollars on human hair wigs to cheat people into believing that the wigs are their natural hair. For those with glorious natural hair, cleaning products, hair oils, and brushes help maintain healthy hair. In this article, we discuss one of the top-selling hairbrushes in the industry. Go to link here for more details on the product. 

JOYHUM Hot Air Brush

This hot air brush works by generating negative ions that work to efficiently protect hair from any form of damage, including breakage. The primary purpose of the comb is to promote healthier hair. JOYYUM Hot Air Brush rotates in both ends during use. This allows for an increased volume and shines in the hair. However, the brush can also work without having to spin. Whether to use the spin function or not depends on the preferences of the user. 

Features of JOYYUM Hot Air Brush

Air Brush
  • The brush features tangle-free and anti-static brittles. These bristles are used to help keep the hair free from tangles and increasing the volume of the hair. The bristles also promote anti-frizz, which results in a smooth and natural look. 
  • The bristles are made of nylon, which is known to keep the hair away from damages caused by friction. The nylon bristles also help to reduce knots and hair breakage.
  • The brush has a switch button that changes the brush when pressed or pulled out. 
  • The brush features two heat settings. The two settings can be used in different types of hair. This makes the product versatile. The low settings are suitable for hair that is soft and weak. It is also ideal for damaged hair as it keeps the hair from suffering further damage. On the other hand, the high heat setting is suitable for healthy or medium hair. 
  • The spin function ensures a luxurious hair, and it can be used in the place of curling irons to create high volume and attractive curls. 
  • It features a ceramic coating that improves the general appearance of the brush. It is also a lightweight design that fits well in the hands and can easily be used. 
  • It also has a professional six-foot swivel professional cord that allows even distribution of electricity to the device. 
Air Brushes

Take Away

Before using the JOYYUM hot airbrush, you first have to select the heat settings depending on your hair type. The next step would be to section the hair and untangle it in the process. Having done that, you can place the appliance into the hair from close to the roots one section to another. Make sure to move the brush towards the ends while rotating it. This will help with styling, smoothening, and increasing the hair volume. For more volume, use the spin functions. 

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