How to tell a transparent lace closure from a HD lace closure

by Eden Ding

Wigs are fast becoming the new hairstyle. Over the years, they have evolved so much so you can easily mistake a wig for natural hair. The hairlines of wigs are so natural you can almost not tell the difference between a natural hairline and that of a wig. All of these is made possible by HD lace closures which are attached to the wigs.

There are different types of closures but HD lace closures have brought a new twist to the wig world. They are made from fine Swiss lace. This lace makes the closure invisible and undetectable as it blends well with your skin. The HD lace closure is translucent thus giving off the melting effect on your scalp. Once installed, it is difficult to tell where the lace starts from.

This article will review some of the advantages of the HD lace closure and easy ways to maintain it to augment its durability.

Advantages of HD lace closures

HD lace closures are not making waves for no reason. Some of the advantages they have over other lace closures include;

1. Made from the finest materials

HD lace closures are very classy. They are not made from the same material as the regular closures. They are produced from a fine lace material called ‘Swiss lace’.

2. Protects your hairline

While the HD lace closure protects your hairline, it also gives off a natural hairline that looks just like yours. It is an excellent choice for people with thin hairline or bald scalp.

3. Can easily be attached and removed

HD closures are quite easy to install. Removing HD lace closures is just as easy as installing them.

4. Blends easily with your scalp and skin tone

HD closure lace blends really well with any skin tone. Although the transparent lace closure can blend with different skin tones when dyed or bleached, the HD lace closure melts more into the skin. A simple hack to blend any lace closures to your skin is to stain the lace with your face foundation. The skin on your scalp and face is usually the same color.

5. Gentle on your skin and scalp

Due to the fine materials the HD lace closure is made from, the lace is often mild and gentle in the skin and scalp.

6. The lace is Transparent

The HD lace closure is more translucent, delicate and thinner than the regular transparent lace closure. Thus it melts well into your skin.

How to Maintain HD Lace Closure

To increase the durability and life span of anything, you need to properly maintain them. The same applies to the HD lace closure. Below are a few maintenance tips

  1. When styling your lace, use low to medium temperatures. Excessive heat will damage your lace closure. To prevent any damages, use heat protectants.
  2. Before washing your closure, ensure that all glue residue has been removed. Properly detangle any knots before dipping it into water. After washing, gently pat it dry. Do not rub it to prevent friction.
  3. Do not use heavy products on your HD lace closure. Heavy products may damage your closure and cause it to shed. Excessive shedding will leave bald spots on your closure.


Although HD closure wigs are not as durable as regular lace closures, they are more stylish and natural. If properly maintained they can last just as long as the regular lace closures.

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