Why You Should Own a Braided Headband Wig

by Eden Ding

The braided headband wigs have successfully joined the list of hair trends in recent times. In Case you’re wondering, they are a beautiful, creative way of attaching your regular silky/satin headscarf to the front part of the wigs. This way, you get to wear them comfortably without needing glue or gel. There’s also an option of putting them in a ponytail, allowing you to reveal some of your natural hair.

Oftentimes, a braided headband comes with a backstrap (adjustable) at its back, slips, and a sewn-in adjustable headband. So without using tape, glue, or any other form of adhesive, the wig can stay in place. Stick to this piece to find out more reasons why you need a braided headband wig in your collection.

Benefits of having a braided headband wig

1. It Doesn’t Need Glue

If you’re using frontal or lace wigs most times, you will need to always use glues. The glue in turn can damage and stunt hair growth on your scalp. If used for a long period, your hair follicles can get damaged in the process and can lead to permanent loss of hair. But with a headband wig, you can trust to save your scalp from damage as you don’t need glue, go set it in place.

2. It Protects your Hairline

Similar to number 1, using glues to hold a regular lace wig may permanently damage your natural hairline. A braided headband wig, on the other hand, exposes your natural hairline and allows it to “breathe”. You can trust to retain the hair around your edges with them.

3. Saves Time and Money

This is one of the most important reasons why a braided headband wig is necessary. You can easily avoid visiting a hair salon, spend a lot of time installing or restyle your braids. Once you’re able to tie the headscarf at the back of your head, you are good to go. There won’t also be a need to pay the hairstylist for restyling your hair.

4. Easy to Wear

If you are a beginner, the braided headband wig won’t pose many problems for you. This is because it requires little to no experience to pull off, and you can always trust not to make a mess while putting them on. Most times, all you need to do is put it on, adjust the bands, and fix the clip-ins into your wig cap.

Pro-tips on how to wear your braided headband wig

  • Smoothly comb your hair before braiding. This will ensure that it perfectly blends in with the wig.
  • Put your natural hair in cornrows and style your edges with an edge control
  • Place the wig directly on your head and roll the remaining hair forward. Remember to adjust the headband (for tightness).


Headband wigs are great if your main aim is to remain fashionable and comfortable on the go. If you’re looking for where to buy good braided headband wigs, then consult with a professional. This at, you don’t get to make mistakes.

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