5 Key Lolita Styles You Should Consider As a Beginner

by Eden Ding

As one of the most recognized current Japanese Lolita fashion trends, Lolita fashion is still gaining traction from all over the world. Unfortunately, as a subculture that is still secretive, choosing the correct clothing from sites like lolitastylefashion.com can be challenging especially to a beginner. Below is a beginner’s guide to the various types of Lolita fashion styles that you can delve in.

  1. Classic Lolita Fashion

A common Lolita fashion style is the classic Lolita dress. Considered one of the sophisticated dress designs, the outlook of this design is meant to be simple, cute and elegant. Often, these dresses can be passed off as fancy event dresses as they are a little tone downed. They come in muted colors like cream or off white clothing. You can showcase your uniqueness by choosing a variety of prints floral options available Note that in this style, A-line skirts are usually preferred over bell-shaped skirts designs.

Lolita Styles
Lolita Styles
  • Ero Lolita Fashion

Though the Harajuku fashion emphasizes modesty and an innocent persona, over the years the Ero Lolita fashion has emerged. Per its name, this style highlights the erotic aspect by allowing you to showcase a little bit more skin than usual. Some highlights in this style include the use of garters, garter socks and bloomers. As the overall style makes use of shorter skirts for with blouses with bare arms, pulling it off is difficult.

Lolita Styles
Lolita Styles
  • Gothic Lolita Fashion

As expected, gothic Lolita makes it to the list as the most drastic identifiable style.  The Gothic Lolita fashion makes use of darker clothes dresses including the use of grey, blue, black and burgundy. This fashionable look makes use of dark stocking and boots while giving you more variety in shoe choices than the rest. However, as makeup is an integral part of this look, ensure you keep a balanced look especially as a beginner.

  • Punk Lolita Fashion
Lolita Styles
Lolita Styles

A look that has been quickly embraced with people all over the world is the punk look.  This Lolita style fashion makes use of studs, chains, tartan and sometimes skulls. Punk style balances tough and delicate elements with you having the choice to choose a cut- sew with frilly skirts or a tough skirt with a delicate blouse. Though they are usually almost as short as Ero Lolita skirt, the skirts in punk Lolita are usually bell-shaped that fall just above the knee.

  • Sweet Lolita Fashion

Sweet Lolita is recognized as the most childlike Japanese street fashion. However, pulling this look is difficult as a simple mistake can make you look ridiculous. As expected, however, an emphasis is placed in looking girly and innocent and makes use of a lot of frills and lace. Highlights of the sweet Lolita include the use of bright pastel colors, bows and ruffles. Though this style allows for intricate designs if you are a beginner its best to stick to simple designs to allow yourself to get used to Lolita dressing change before going bolder.


When choosing Lolita fashion that suits your style, aim to invest in clothes that fit well and that are of high quality. What’s more, beware of shopping online or aim to choose sites like Lolita style fashions website. Doing so assure you of quality Lolita clothes that will serve you for longer.  

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