The Biggest Necklace Trend That You Need To Follow

by Eden Ding

“Jewellery tells a story about the person who’s wearing it.” A necklace is a crucial piece of jewellery found in every girl’s closet:

 a personalisierte halskette, choker, opera, or locket. Ever since you were a little girl, you would put on your mother’s jewellery, especially her necklace, because it made you feel pretty, The necklace trend has been everchanging, but the love for this piece of jewellery has never diminished. So what are the different types of necklaces available in the market?

Here is a list of some:

  1. Chain necklace

The most versatile necklace out there has to be the chain necklace. You can pair it with your formal office wear or even wear it with your dresses when you’re going out for brunch with your girlfriends. They come in varying lengths, so you can choose what goes best with your outfit. Did you know that you can wear a chain necklace with all kinds of necklines?

Thread necklace

There is a certain charm and allure to handmade jewellery. The personal touch makes it all the more unique. A thread necklace is made by merging threads of different colours into a knot tied to a metal. If you wear round neck and boat neck shirts a lot, this necklace could add a glam quotient to your look, making you look concert ready.

  1. Choker

If you’re going to a party or on a date night, a choker necklace is a right pick for you. This necklace can be made of leather, ribbon, metal or even velvet. It pairs best with your off-shoulder tops.

  1. Pendant

A wardrobe staple over the years, the pendant necklace is the most versatile of them all. On a day when you don’t know how to accessorise your outfit, you put a pendant necklace on, and you’re good to go. They can be a means to showcase your personality and style. A pendant necklace goes with everything from V-necks to turtlenecks…

  1. Collar necklace

A collar necklace is a chunky piece of jewellery that rests around your collar region when worn. Collar Necklace looks flattering on off-shoulder necklines as well as boat necks. They can be made of gold, silver, pearls or gems.

  1. Charms

There is something so appealing about charm bracelets and necklaces. Every charm on them can be so significant to the one who is donning them. If you wear a charm necklace with simple and solid colour clothes. Charm necklaces can b worn with your day and night outfits, making you look fashionable.

  1. Opera

If there is a necklace that is elegant with a bit of drama, it would be the opera. It is made from beads and pearls, which can look flattering for your cocktails parties. They have an authentic vintage vibe about them and look great with your black dresses. Audrey Hepburn’s signature look is an opera necklace in the movie “Breakfast with Tiffany’s”.

  1. Locket

A locket can be an irreplaceable memento for some of you. It can have a photo of a loved one, or a memory that is so fond that you would like to keep it close to your heart. Lockets are worn by people on a day-to-day basis with the scoop and square necklines.

Do you have a favourite type of necklace that has not made out a list? Kindly do let us know in the comments below.

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