Understanding The Various Forms Of Lace Closures

by Eden Ding

The hair market is one of the most thriving industries in the world. It features various types of products, like weaves and wigs. There are also multiple categories of wigs and weaves. Wigs are pretty popular because they are easy to wear and resemble natural hair. Before choosing bundles with closure, you may want to understand the various types of lace closures.

Types of lace closures

There are various types of lace closure types on the market. The most common way of classifying lace closures is through their base materials. The base is the material on which the hair bundles are sewn. In this case, below are the most popular types of lace closures;

1. Silk

These are closures made with silk as the base. They are a popular option on the market because they provide more styling options. Unlike other types of closures, silk base closures feature individual strands instead of wefts. The material is also thick enough to last long enough. However, their thickness does not take away from the fact that they provide adequate ventilation. Therefore, you can wear silk closures at any temperature.

2. Skin-polyurethane

These closures come in a thin, flexible base that creates a perfect illusion of a natural scalp. However, this type of closure has some downsides. The con is that it is not as durable as the other options on the market. Another one is that it is not ideal for hot climates because it does not offer good ventilation. Regardless, it is a great-looking type of closure.

3. Monofilament

A monofilament closure is a mesh applied in a single-strand method. Monofilament closures are also quite popular. This is because they can be worn in a wide range of styles. They are especially great for stiffer hairstyles like full bangs because they are easy to maintain. They can stay in their original hair shape without any issues. The monofilament also creates an incredible illusion of your natural hairline.

4. Invisible part closures

The invisible part type of closure is made up of weft hair sewn into a mesh base. Its hidden part makes it difficult for random people to detect, creating the illusion of natural hair. Note that this type of wig closure comes in an oblong shape. This makes it easy for you to style it in various shapes. It also makes it an ideal choice for different people with varying face shapes.

5. Hybrid

This type of closure is known for its high durability. It typically features a high density that makes it great for prolonged use. Hybrid closures combine the application of monofilament and lace. The two materials help create a perfect natural-looking hairline.


Each of the types of wig closures mentioned above is great in its merit. However, you cannot wear all of them at the same time. You have to choose between the various types. When doing this, it would be wise to look into the pros and downsides of each type. You may also wish to consider the installation technique and the cost of the lace closure. Doing this will help you make a knowledgeable and wise decision.

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